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Publisher Sega
Developer Frontier Develpoments
Plataform Sega 32X
Input Sega Six Button Controller
Genere Shoot'em Up
Gameplay Single Player
Release Europe (1996)

Basic about DarxideEdit

The goal of the game is completing the missions within a maximium time of 4 minutes for each one. Each mission starts with the same cutscene showing player's ship leaving a landing base while mission brief is shown, then the player have 4 minutes to complete all the objetives without being destroyed by enemies. Just about 10 seconds before time is over, a warning message appears in the middle of the screen telling 'Moon approaching'. When time is over, there is a cutscene showing player's ship entering in a landing base; after that, if all objetives were done, a screen telling 'Mission succesful' appears and player goes to next mission, otherwise a screen telling 'Mission failed' is shown and the mission must be redone, while one life is discounted from remaining lives.

The principal flaw that Darxide has is that there's no information in the game, no controls, no training, no nothing, and this makes the game even harder to play, since that its also conected to the bad ship's handling, thus the HUD is not easy to understand for some people. Here is some information and advices to make Darxide 32X a nice experience to play:


There's no place to take a look at the controls outside game's manual book, which not much people have information about. So, before you start playing, you might take a look at the following image:


When choosing a language, A is the only button that select the language. Once that the player is navigating in menu, A, B, C and START work as Accept. When game is in a cutscene, C button can be pressed to skip it. When seeing the screen Mission successful or Mission Failed, A is the only button to continue.

Once game started, the player controls the flight with D-PAD, and the best way to do it is just tapping the desired direction. In general, pressing and holding the direction causes oversteer which makes flight hard and imprecise, so its recomended just tapping the D-PAD to steer with precision. To increase/decrease speed just press A/C button until you reach desired speed and then release it, then the ship will keep the speed. Open fire with B button when spotted a target, and once you get Plasma Guns, they can be choosen with Y button. Unfortunatly, there's nothing in HUD that indicates wich weapon is selected, but Lasers are the default weapon anyway. As standard for most of games, START button pauses the game.

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