The final mission is hard as expected to be the last, it lasts 4:25. Mission Brief tells:

  • Destroy the alien fighters
  • Destroy all the alien bombers
  • Destroy the alien mothership

To succed the mission, the player must destroy one asteroid (which isn't in Mission Brief), 4 supercharged aliens, 1 charged alien, 4 bombers and the alien mothership.

As soon as the mission started, the 4 supercharged aliens make a dogfight against the player, while the asteroid is floating around there. After defeat them all, is recomended to search and destroy the existimg bomber if the player has not the 8 bombs. If he/she has all the 8 bombs that ship can hold, is better not to destroy it yet. About one minute after mission starts, the remaining 3 bombers, the alien mothership and a noticeable load of mines appear, most of them surrounding the mothership thus. It's highly recomended to shoot the mothership with bombs, and as soon they run out, go destroy 2 bombers and pick their bombs. When the mothership is destroyed after some more bombs hit, an energy crystal is stolen from it, and the charged alien appears in the place where the mothership was. About 1 minute before time is over, some Energy Crystals appear, in case the player needs them.

This mission contains the remaining 2 Power Plasma to complete the full arsenal in the only asteroid present. It is not recomended to destroy it until energy levels are low, since it can expose an energy crystal which can disappear when some time passes. The best way to manage energy is picking the upgrades when levels are low, so the upgrade replenish them. There are no Shield Crystals in this mission thus. After successfuly completed the mission, a screen tells that all missions are completed, then the player must introduce his/her initials and his/her score is shown in the high score screen.