The third mission can get easily done or unnoticedly failed, lasts 3:40. Mission Brief tells:

  • Destroy all the asteroids
  • Destroy the alien fighters
  • Protect miner's shuttlecraft from alien's attack. Miners to be rescued: 30

To succed, the player must completly destroy 6 big asteroids, 7 aliens and 5 Charged aliens. Also, must protect at least 3 from a total of 5 miner's shuttlecrafts. If 3 shuttlecrafts get destroyed, mission will fail, so destroying attacking aliens is top priority.

About 20 seconds after mission starts, the first wave of aliens appear, consting of 2 aliens and 1 charged alien. Once this happen, the player must destroy them all to prevent they destroy shuttlecrafts. Then, about 30 seconds later, an identycal second wave appear. Destroy asteroids and collect the upgrades remaining for one minute until a smaller wave consting of 1 charged alien and 1 alien appear. After that, the player have something like 50 seconds to keep destroying asteroids before the final wave consting of 2 aliens and 2 charged aliens appear.

This mission contains the remaining 2 Power Laser as upgrade of Lasers, and Boost Engine wich allows player's ship to travel at full speed. Time is not often a problem, but dealing with aliens before they destroy Shuttlecrafts can be hard, so its recomended to search for the upgrades before the first wave appears and after a wave of aliens is destroyed.

In this mission, chance of getting destroyed gets slightly increased, but there are Shield Crystals to replenish shields.

After successfuly completed the mission, the player goes to Mission 4 .