The fourth mission starts shaking player with plasma, it lasts 3:35. Mission Brief tells:

  • Destroy all the asteroids
  • Destroy the alien fighters
  • Destroy the alien turrets
  • Rescue stranded miners. Miners to be rescued: 6

To succed, the player must completly destroy 4 big asteroids, 4 aliens, 4 Charged aliens and 8 Plasma turrets. Also, must rescue at least 6 miners from a total of 8. There are not much room for loosing miners, so it's a good idea to rescue them when found in the asteroids, before destroying them.

There are no upgrades available in this mission, and there is a noticeable chance of getting destroyed by Plasma turrets; fortunatly there are Shield Crystals to replenish shields.

After successfuly completed the mission, the player goes to Mission 5 .