The seventh mission is even harder, it lasts 3:55. Mission Brief tells:

  • Destroy all the asteroids
  • Destroy the alien fighters
  • Destroy all the alien bombers
  • Rescue miners from their doomed transport ship before it explodes. Miners to be rescued: 10

To succed, the player must completly destroy 4 big asteroids, 8 Super Charged aliens and 2 Bombers. Also, miners get expelled from Transporter Ship and player must rescue them all.

5 seconds after mission starts, a wave of 3 supercharged aliens appears, and they can surely waste an entire shield if they are not quickly destroyed. After enough time to rescue 4 miners or so, one bomber and another wave of 3 supercharged aliens come to finish the job, so player must keep more than half of shield after first wave. Just before that, the asteroids carrying the Shield Crystals appear, so there is a high chance of never actually seeing them. After all miners are rescued, the remaining bomber and supercharged aliens appear.

This mission contains the remaining 2 Plasma Guns to complete arsenal... for now. Plasma Guns are ideal for destroying Bombers quickly, so they get really handy in this mission. Collecting bombs is recomended.

After successfuly completed the mission, the player goes to Mission 8 .