Mission 8 allows to the player to calm down and relax a bit, it lasts 4:05. Mission Brief tells:

  • Destroy all the asteroids
  • Destroy the alien fighters
  • Destroy the alien turrets
  • Destroy the alien rock mover
  • Rescue the stranded miners. Miners to be rescued: 5

However, Mission Brief is wrong in this mission, it should say 'Destroy the alien bombers' instead of 'Destroy the alien fighters'. To succed the mission, the player must completly destroy 5 big asteroids, 6 plasma turrets, 2 bombers and the rock mover. Also, must rescue at least 5 miners from a total of 10.

This mission doesn't have a really high chance to get destroyed, with the exception of the rock mover. Best way to destroy the alien rock mover is by throwing bombs at it, however it also represents a risk: if it shoot the player with power plasma beans after he/she throws a bomb, can detonate it right in front of the ship, causing almost (in best of cases) instant death. If the player has no bombs equiped, its a good idea to destroy the bombers quickly to pick up their bombs. Another important thing to have in mind when playing this mission: rock mover is almost always shooting with different types of ammo, destroying nearly asteroids. This can cause that the stranded miners disperse without knowing, so the player must be alert.

This mission contains 2 Power Plasma as upgrade for Plasma Guns, which can help to destroy bombers quicker and even the rock mover in case bombs get over and its still alive. Remember to not shoot bombs and plasma bolts at the same time, since this would detonate them inmediatly causing instant death. Also, there are 2 Shield Crystals stuck in 2 different asteroids in case shields get too damaged.

After successfuly completed the mission, the player goes to Mission 9 .