Ninth mission brings back the player into frustration, it lasts 4:00. Mission Brief talls:

  • Destroy all the asteroids
  • Destroy the alien fighters
  • Destroy the alien turrets
  • Destroy the alien bombers
  • Destroy the giant asteroid

To succed the mission, the player must completly destroy one asteroid, 7 supercharged aliens, 3 plasma turrets, 6 bombers and the giant asteroid.

Who made this mission was a funny guy, and he decided to bring a dogfight with 5 supercharged aliens while the asteroid is carrying 3 turrets is flying around, just 5 seconds after mission starts. After about one minute transcured, another bomber and the giant asteroid appears, carrying 2 shield crystals and the remaining 2 supercharged aliens. To destroy it, its ideal to use bombs remaining from Mission 8 or get them when destroying the bombers. After 3 minutes after mission starts. the remaining 3 bombers appear.

There are no upgrades available in this mission, and the only Energy crystals before destroying the giant asteroid are hidden in the only big asteroid. After destroying the giant asteroid, several energy crystals are dropped, which gets useful to destroy all the bombers with plasma bolts.

After successfuly completed the mission, the player goes to Mission 10 .